Teaching is a fundamental part of my career. I am passionate about being able to guide young musicians to achieve their goals. From the first class, it is essential to implement a solid technical and musical foundation, learning to see beyond the score and finding your own pianistic voice’

Margalida regularly prepares young pianists for official exams: ABRSM, TRINITY, and conservatoire & university entrance exams. She also holds different masterclasses annually in different organizations. Thanks to the current technologies, Margalida works with students from all over the world. If you are interested in organizing a class with her, please contact Margalida directly.


My son had piano lessons with Margalida for about two years as part of his diploma program.  He had a wonderful experience with this brilliant professional.  Margalida has an amazing teaching style, and she did her best to ensure my son enjoyed the piano lessons. I truly appreciate how she tailored each lesson considering his personality, learning style, and goals, being very sensitive to his needs. This approach tremendously helped my son to learn piano. Even more, since taking piano lessons with Margalida he has been playing and practicing the piano happily and voluntarily self-learning new pieces. Margalida is an extremely kind and experienced teacher with a lot of patience and enthusiasm; she was always looking for my son’s best interests. I was very impressed by how she encouraged and helped him present his piano pieces at a concert for the first time in his life. This was a wonderful, motivating, and educational experience for the whole family. I am so very thankful that my son received such an excellent music education. Based on my experience and observations above, I highly recommend Margalida to anyone looking for a piano teacher for their children. She is a wonderful teacher S.Falco (Brazil)

My son has been learning piano with Margalida since two years ago. Ayaan instantly liked her for her kind and patient approach to teaching.  We have found Margalida’s online lessons to be very beneficial. Recently, we have traveled a lot and anywhere we were, Margalida was always on time, never missed a lesson, and was very understanding in choosing a time that was convenient for both of us.  As for her teaching, I have found her to be extremely patient, competent, persistent, and kind and made sure Ayaan learned his piano programme well.  Because of her persistence, I believe, Ayaan has improved a lot in his piano skills and started to be independent in his own learning.  I can totally recommend Margalida to anyone looking to get an excellent piano teacher. S.Alam (India)

Margalida is an inspirational piano teacher to both my daughters. Whilst we began with face-to-face lessons, covid forced a transition to online learning which has been very smooth and both girls have really enjoy their time learning and developing their skills. My younger daughter benefits from Margalida’s gentle encouragement and the clarity with which she instructs, which carries across easily on screen.  My older daughter, has thrived under her tutelage, not only learning the fundamentals of playing piano, but also developing an understanding of how to interpret what is written. She started working with Margalida on grade 3 five years ago, and has now passed grade 8 with a merit, has a great love of the piano, and is busy working on her diploma. I cannot recommend Margalida highly enough.  S.Wiseman (UK)

Margalida started teaching my daughter Hannah the piano just over four years ago and we have seen huge progress in her playing since then! Hannah has achieved some very good exam results during this time (a merit and two distinctions) thanks to the fact that Margalida is extremely thorough, but also as we use the examining board that plays to Hannah’s strengths. Margalida is also flexible with repertoire and always allows Hannah to explore her varied musical tastes so she stays motivated; as well as some very ambitious classical pieces, she regularly learns pop songs and songs from musicals. Margalida encourages Hannah to perform at every opportunity, ensuring she is well prepared and also supporting her when she experiences performance nerves. She is very patient in her explanations and in the way she teaches, which was most apparent during 18 months of online lessons. In addition, since Hannah was recently diagnosed with dyslexia Margalida has been keen to adapt her teaching style and look for new ways of helping Hannah to overcome any barriers and to become a confident, happy pianist. R. Lewis (U.K.)

Margalida always provides me with excellent lessons with comprehensive instructions. She is a knowledgeable teacher who encouraged me to take the ABRSM exams. I got Distinction for both in Grade 5 music theory and Grade 8 piano – H.Ito (Japan)

My daughter started learning piano with Margalida three years ago. Her encouraging, efficient and fun approach has resulted in wonderful results for my daughter as she has obtained Distinction for every ABRSM exam she has taken so far. She is currently preparing for her Grade 4 examination. Margalida’s great guidance has meant that my daughter Yuxin has enjoyed her piano lessons very much and has progressed happily and steadily. We are very grateful to Margalida for her insightful teaching method. C.Lee (China)

Having never played the piano before, Margalida has guided me over the past 4 years and has helped to develop my skills significantly through her patient and encouraging approach to teaching. I can now play the piano confidently and I have thoroughly enjoyed having her as my teacher. She has been a great mentor to me and I have always looked forward to my lessons with her. C. Bradley (UK)